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State Chairman Notes

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The state chairman will provide information as needed throughout the biennium.  Informational links will be in the state's monthly newsletters and be available on the website.  If you have any questions, please contact the state chairman by email or phone.  Chairman contact information is listed under the directory tab on the home page. 

Our Adventure Notes

Bridget Link

Alpha Delta Kappa Month

Provides suggestions to chapters regarding appropriate activities and events in

observation of Alpha Delta Kappa Month.

Debbie Clark



Jane Crews


Click the link below for detailed information.


Leona Benoit

Disaster Relief

Beverly Bennett

Ways and Means

Barbara LeBlanc

Fraternity Education

Provides suggestions and materials to chapters in support of fraternity education and carries out plans for fraternity education programs as directed.

Ruby Blackwell

Excellence in Education

Click the link below for detailed information.

Excellence in Education

Sandra Cooley


Ellyn Braud



Candidate Qualification

Prepares and distributes the candidate application form.

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