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Leslie Koenck

Louisiana State President

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Louisiana State Goals

Louisiana Alpha Delta Kappa will work to promote the ideals of the organization by:

·      Encouraging growth through 

o   recruitment, 

o   reinstatements, 

o   retention and

o   establishing chapters & collegiate clubs.

·      Encouraging members to participate beyond the chapter level at district, state, regional and International meetings, conferences and conventions.

·      Encouraging continued support of the state, regional and International altruistic projects.

·      Continuing to improve communication through state website, Zoom, Facebook, emails, cards, etc.

·      Celebrating chapter and member accomplishments.

OH, the places Alpha Delta Kappa will take you!

Today is our day.

We’re off to Great Places!

We’re off and away!


We have brains in our heads. We have feet in our shoes.

We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose.

We are bound by sisterhood. 

And we know what we know.

And we are the girls who will decide where to go.

We’ll look up and down the paths. Look them over with care.

And we will say “Let us boldly go there.”


Oh, Sisters Oh, Sisters

The places we will go 

The sisters we will visit

And the new friendships that will grow.


We can think about purple, olive green and golden yellow, 

We can think of Hattie, Marie, Marion, and Agnes

And what they would do to encourage growth 

in our sisterhood and participation 

in all the explorations. 


You’re also invited to have some fun 

every October in the friendliest ADK-ville 

It’s really a treat to meet 

And share our rich heritage.


OH, the places Alpha Delta Kappa will take you!


We will take a quick tour out to colleges around

To support future educators and create a network of gals, 

just like us spending days in a rowdy schoolhouse. 


Think! Think and wonder.

Wonder and think.

How many sisters

Can we interlink?


We are all busy counting

Till the day we meet once more -

convention, zoom or meeting

The excitement is mounting!


Seats have been saved on the ride of your life

Your tickets await for your excursion of delight.


Wherever we fly, we will be the best of the best

Wherever we go, we will top all the rest

We are ready for anything under the ADK pearls

Ready because we are that kind of girls


We are off to Great places

Today is our day

Our adventure is waiting

So… let us get on our way!


Oh, the places Alpha Delta Kappa will take you!

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